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Health Information Resources are available to all Schlumberger employees and dependents.

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EHE International

EHE Comprehensive Physical Examination

Health History Form First-time patients will be asked to complete a detailed, confidential and user-friendly questionnaire that encompasses your health, lifestyle and other health-related topics. This personal and family history not only aids your EHE physician, but becomes a permanent medical record of reference for your other medical providers.
Clinical Intervention Significant health risk factors are monitored through this proactive outreach program. Registered nurses assist members whose physical exam findings indicate distinct health risks to obtain the appropriate follow-up care.
Referral Services EHE representatives can facilitate specialist appointments as recommended by your EHE physician.
Wellness Advisor Personal Health Coach An EHE exclusive, your Wellness Advisor Personal Health Coach provides support, counseling and education in order to help you manage life's challenges - tobacco use, physical inactivity, stress management, nutrition and pre-diabetes Management. You'll receive a personalized “Take Action Plan” and have access to resources that will help you to quit smoking and manage key cardiovascular risks through physical activity and healthful food choices. Each program is individualized to fit into your life at a pace that ensures success. Program consultations are private and are conveniently scheduled to fit into your already busy day. In this program, small changes reap big health rewards!
Review of Medical History and Thorough Physical Examination A medical history and physical examination are the most important elements of a diagnostic screening

Diagnostic Blood, Urine Tests, and Inoculations

Cholesterol Screening Measures Total Cholesterol, HDL-Cholesterol (good cholesterol) and LDL-Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels. Cholesterol is a major risk factor for atherosclerosis and heart disease
Complete Blood Count with Differential Screens for anemia and blood cancers, such as leukemia
Metabolic Profile Screens for diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease
Iron Saturation Screens for hemochromatosis, a common but frequently overlooked genetic iron disorder
Blood Chemistries Tests Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and other electrolytes and minerals
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Screens for thyroid function which regulates metabolism
ABO Grouping and Rh Typing Blood Group and Type
Diphtheria/Tetanus Chemistries Inoculation for immunity
Shingles Vaccine Inoculation for shingles

Cardiac Risk Assessment

Homocysteine Levels In high concentrations, homocysteine can cause abnormalities in the lining of the arteries and the formation of blood clots that directly cause heart attacks.
C-Reactive Protein Levels C-Reactive Protein is produced in the body in response to inflammatory processes and can increase the risk of a heart attack.
Vascular Screening Vascular screening includes carotid ultrasound to detect carotid artery narrowing; abdominal aorta ultrasound to detect bulging of the abdominal aorta (abdominal aortic aneurysm); and an ankle brachial index (ABI) to detect peripheral arterial disease.
Urinalysis Urinalysis is a screening test for diseases of the kidneys, diabetes, bladder infections and some cancers

Sensory Function Tests

Audiometric Evaluation Computer-directed hearing exam
Vision Assessment Color, near and distant vision testing
Tonometry Test (EHE owned facilities only) Screens for glaucoma

Heart and Lung Tests

Spirometry (EHE owned facilities only) Screens for asthma and emphysema
Resting Electrocardiogram (EKG) with interpretation Identifies previously undetected heart attacks, heart blocks and other cardiac irregularities
Cardiac Stress Test (baseline at age 40 or when medically indicated) Screens for early signs of coronary heart disease.

Gastrointestinal Tract

Hemoccult Test
(when medically indicated)
Stool examination for occult blood to screen for colon cancer
Colonoscopy (baseline at age 40 or when medically indicated) "Gold-standard" screening test for colon cancer

Female Only

(baseline at age 40)
Screens for breast cancer
PAP Test Screens for cervical cancer
Human Papillomavirus Test Laboratory screening for the HPV virus.

Male Only

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) (age 40 and above) Blood test for prostate cancer

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