Dear EHE International, I have been a benefits manager for 15 years and I have never had so many employees enthusiastically use and pay compliment to a health benefit. Thank you!"

Two thumbs up! I recently relocated and I was absolutely shocked that, not only could I continue to have my EHE examination close to my new
location, I got in within a week without any issues. I wish my move went as smoothly."

Now this is what I call health status reporting! Your reports are unlike any I have ever seen. Real clinical data that I can understand!"

I was skeptical when you said that EHE&me's program would be as cost
effective or less than my current preventive medical care costs. Not only does it cost less, it provides more!"

WOW! My first doctor's appointment where I didn't have to wait in the lobby for 45 minutes! And better yet, I got to talk to the doctor about her findings for as long as I needed to until I completely understood everything. The icing on the cake was the following day when I had another question that I forgot to ask and I ACTUALLY got to speak to her again!"

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