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A nationwide preventive health program for all of your employees, EHE&me improves the health of your workforce while addressing risks and managing costs. It is also ready to integrate into your existing healthcare plan.

  • Ranked #1
    The #1 ranked preventive health benefit among our patients – your employees.

  • Expertise
    A century of experience in keeping America’s workforce healthy – and productive.

  • Quality
    Standard and defined clinical protocols that are measured and reported with unmatched quality assurance.

  • Access
    North, south, east, west – and all points in between. We are where your employees live.

EHE&me is the nationwide preventive health solution.

"I was skeptical when you said that EHE&me's program would be as cost effective or less than my current preventive medical care costs. Not only does it cost less, it provides more!”
EHE International client


EHE&Me preventive health program 


Lois Burmester
Vice President



Preventive Health Experience
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