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Increase your IQ with Cognitive Fitness

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2/4/16 2:37 PM

Cognitive fitness is as important to an individual's overall quality of life as physical health is, and it demands similar attention. Being quick, having good recall, and delaying mental fatigue are all benefits of a brain-healthy lifestyle, and these improvements essentially makes you “smarter” since enhanced mental faculties leads to enhanced mental performance. 
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Working Memory in the Information Age

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11/24/15 4:04 PM

The information age can broadly be defined by the famous Steve Jobs quote about “…standing at the intersection of computers and humanism.” This is to say that the prevalence of data processing machines in a society that bonds through the passing of information is where we are now, and will be for the foreseeable future. While the ability to communicate and collaborate instantly across vast distances has been a boon, the access this has granted us to each other and to large data stores has allowed for a certain issue to arise: How do people with limited working memory behave when their lives have been integrated with machines which have unlimited recall?    
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