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Food Substitution: One Thing Leads to Another

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12/30/15 10:32 AM

Back in June of this year, the Journal of the American Medical Association released some interesting news: The 2015 Dietary Guidelines would lift the ban on dietary fat—previously the recommendation was to have no more than 35 percent of calories in one’s diet coming from fat. This change comes partially from the behavior of substitution and how simplifying problems typically lead to more problems with greater complexity.  
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The Secret to Good Health, Now With Even More Evidence!

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11/16/15 11:59 AM

The NY Times recently posted an article with the headline “ Cutting Sugar Improves Children’s Health in Just 10 Days,” where they cite a study where foods with added sugar (as distinct from naturally-occurring sugar found in fruits) were removed from children’s diets and replaced with carbohydrates to keep overall calorie intake the same. This is significant because added sugar is typically refined sugar and is therefore stripped of all nutrients, essentially making them empty calories. But we’ll get back to that. 
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Topics: Nutrition, Wellness, preventive healthcare, healthy living, chronic diseases, health, refined sugars

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