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New Parents And Sleep

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2/28/17 2:00 PM

It’s 3 a.m. and your baby is crying again. Does her diaper need changing? Is he hungry? Does she need to be changed and fed? Unfortunately, interrupted sleep is a fact of life for parents of a newborn which makes those first few months of parenthood utterly and completely exhausting.  It is not at all unusual for new parents to feel sleep deprived and wonder if they will ever get a good night’s sleep again. While a night of uninterrupted sleep is unlikely those first few months, there are strategies you can use to maximize the amount of rest you do get. Incorporating those strategies can help to alleviate some of the negative health consequences that can occur due to disrupted sleep.

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Finding the Motivation to Stay Motivated

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1/24/17 9:30 AM

Motivation to be Motivated…why can’t I stick to my good intentions? My goals were intentionally not lofty.  I work with a trainer twice a week on strengthening and conditioning and I fit cardio in where I can on other days.  Seems achievable, right?   I like the idea of having a workout routine, but with a hectic schedule, it is the first thing that drops off of my calendar when a meeting/home repair service/doctor appointment pops up, which is regularly in my world.  So, I’m trying to do the best I can, and that’s just it, DO THE BEST YOU CAN.  You’ll surprise yourself.  Here are a couple of things I do to stay focused on a physical activity routine.

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The Prescribed Painkiller Problem in the U.S.

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12/15/15 4:10 PM

People suffer from many issues, from psychological, to emotional, and of course physical, but dealing with these issues sometimes compound the problem rather than alleviating it; for instance, painkillers are commonly prescribed for those who are in pain, however, many prescribed painkillers (such as Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, and their generic incarnations/derivatives) contain the inherent risk of dependence, whether it stems from a psychological dependence from being prescribed this medicine for a particular issue, an emotional dependence from the thought of having to deal with life without the effects of the drug, or a physical dependence from the drug’s active ingredient.
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Working Memory in the Information Age

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11/24/15 4:04 PM

The information age can broadly be defined by the famous Steve Jobs quote about “…standing at the intersection of computers and humanism.” This is to say that the prevalence of data processing machines in a society that bonds through the passing of information is where we are now, and will be for the foreseeable future. While the ability to communicate and collaborate instantly across vast distances has been a boon, the access this has granted us to each other and to large data stores has allowed for a certain issue to arise: How do people with limited working memory behave when their lives have been integrated with machines which have unlimited recall?    
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