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Is Fitness Simply Based on Genetics?

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1/13/16 2:30 PM

While the path to physical fitness is straightforward (i.e., dieting and exercise), this path starts to meander wildly when people attempt to actually follow it--lengthening the time it takes to reach the finish line, if ever. The question, of course, becomes "why?" Why are people hard-pressed to achieve fitness when every voice out there is saying that it's good? Not only that, but it is equally ubiquitous to hear that not being fit is bad. So why?  
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Knowing Your Healthy Self in 2016

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1/6/16 10:20 AM

Living a healthy life is big on everyone’s radar from getting more sleep, to eating a nutritious diet, and doing enough exercise. But the New Year’s resolution trial period always seems to end at around two weeks. So this post will offer some tips on how to stay in the game for all four quarters and reap the rewards of finishing off a year in the ascension.  
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Maintaining Health While Healthy Part 1: Getting There

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5/12/15 9:38 AM


Over a series of blog posts, we’re going to explore a relatively overlooked topic: how does one maintain health once initial health goals are met? As the saying goes, getting to the top (becoming healthy) can ultimately be the easy part when all is said and done; staying on top (maintaining one’s health for life) is the hard part.


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Preventing Workplace Stress

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11/10/14 12:49 PM

The American workforce is stressed out. Despite a sluggish economy, we are working harder and longer hours than ever.

“While 18.6 million people remain underemployed,” explains labor journalist
Ether Kaplan
, “millions of others are working more hours, and more intensely, than ever. This is especially true in certain industries, from oil refineries to retail to publishing, where federal data shows labor productivity has risen at double or more the national rate.”


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Robin Williams & Depression’s Health Risk

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8/13/14 9:33 AM

The apparent suicide of beloved actor and ground-breaking comedian Robin Williams was greeted by a collective national shock. People are understandably distraught over a popular figure dying by his own hand. Robin was a performer bursting with vitality; sadness to the point of suicide didn’t appear to be in his DNA. Although he has opened up about his alcohol and drug addiction over the years, Robin’s manic performance style left audiences with an impression his life was perhaps over-flowing at times but not depressed.

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