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Knowing Your Healthy Self in 2016

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1/6/16 10:20 AM

Living a healthy life is big on everyone’s radar from getting more sleep, to eating a nutritious diet, and doing enough exercise. But the New Year’s resolution trial period always seems to end at around two weeks. So this post will offer some tips on how to stay in the game for all four quarters and reap the rewards of finishing off a year in the ascension.  
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Food Substitution: One Thing Leads to Another

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12/30/15 10:32 AM

Back in June of this year, the Journal of the American Medical Association released some interesting news: The 2015 Dietary Guidelines would lift the ban on dietary fat—previously the recommendation was to have no more than 35 percent of calories in one’s diet coming from fat. This change comes partially from the behavior of substitution and how simplifying problems typically lead to more problems with greater complexity.  
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