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Importance of Regular Physical Exams

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7/11/16 4:17 PM

A regular physical examination is a vital tool for the assessment of an individual’s current health and for the early detection of preventable diseases. The exam also provides an opportunity for an individual and his or her doctor to develop a personalized health plan that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices and appropriate behavior modifications. While it can be easy to forego exams, especially when one is feeling healthy, the power of exams to help individuals live longer, healthier lives should not be underestimated.
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What To Look For When Reading Health News

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7/6/16 2:33 PM

The Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ) is a nonprofit organization that provides journalists with the appropriate resources to ensure that health topics are reported with accuracy and transparency. Their website contains a "Statement of Principles" which outlines methods by which journalists can uphold "their professional standards of truth, accuracy, and context in every report." While these principles are very important for journalists, they can also be helpful to all individuals who wish to identify quality health information. Some particularly relevant highlights include:
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Topics: preventive healthcare, physical fitness, health, health benefits, health news, critical reading

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