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Finding the Motivation to Stay Motivated

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1/24/17 9:30 AM

Motivation to be Motivated…why can’t I stick to my good intentions? My goals were intentionally not lofty.  I work with a trainer twice a week on strengthening and conditioning and I fit cardio in where I can on other days.  Seems achievable, right?   I like the idea of having a workout routine, but with a hectic schedule, it is the first thing that drops off of my calendar when a meeting/home repair service/doctor appointment pops up, which is regularly in my world.  So, I’m trying to do the best I can, and that’s just it, DO THE BEST YOU CAN.  You’ll surprise yourself.  Here are a couple of things I do to stay focused on a physical activity routine.

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How To Make Lasting Change

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1/17/17 9:00 AM

2017 is here and millions of Americans are reflecting on the personal changes that they want (or need) to make this year. Popular resolutions include vowing to lose weight, eat healthier, reduce stress, exercise more or quit smoking. There is just one problem: while all of this sounds good in January, many of us lose our resolve and our resolutions are long forgotten and abandoned by April. The simple truth is that New Year’s resolutions are easier to make than they are to keep because changing behaviors, particularly those that are long-standing habits, is easier said than done. Wanting to change is not enough. Success with a resolution demands more than wishful thinking; it requires patience, planning, and organization. The good news it is that it can be done!

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The 13 Essential Vitamins

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5/10/16 2:57 PM

By adhering to a healthy, nutrient-rich, plant-based diet, individuals can ensure that they are consuming the 13 essential vitamins needed to keep the body healthy and performing properly. These vitamins are...

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Why Should You Get Regular Physical Exams?

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5/3/16 2:56 PM

When an individual has regular exams, his or her physician can compare measurements of weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index (BMI) over the years and address changes as needed. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), all adults — even seemingly healthy ones — should undergo regular physical examinations at their healthcare provider’s recommended frequency.

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Lower Your Risk of Falling with Balance Training

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4/26/16 1:28 PM

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), older adults who are at risk of falling should perform balance exercises at least three days a week. Balance training can be as simple as standing on one foot for a few seconds, and then gradually increasing the length of time for more difficulty.

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The Benefits of Physical Activity

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2/10/16 2:29 PM

The benefits of regular physical activity are enormous. In addition to weight management, stress relief and an improved sense of well–being, the performance of regular physical exercise reduces the risk of many diseases and conditions, improves the overall quality of one’s life and helps maintain the functional independence of older adults. 
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