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Finding the Motivation to Stay Motivated

How To Make Lasting Change

What is Dietary Fat?

Are E-cigarettes Beneficial or Harmful?

About Meditation

Food Expiration and Safety

Recommendations For Fat Intake

Understanding Heartburn

Recommendations For Strength Training

Energy Drinks And Their Ingredients

Are Sodium And Salt The Same?

Why Is My Family's Health History Important?

Naturally Occurring Sugars Versus Added Sugars

How Unhealthy is Eating Outside Food?

How Do I Attain Good Oral Hygiene?

What is Distracted Driving?

How Do I Prevent Knee Injury?

How Can I Improve My Digestive Health?

Importance of Regular Physical Exams

What To Look For When Reading Health News

Creating a Culture of Health

How Do I Begin a Running Program?

How Do I Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Dementia?

What Are The Different Types Of Yoga?

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Optimism?

What Causes Depression?

The 13 Essential Vitamins

Why Should You Get Regular Physical Exams?

Lower Your Risk of Falling with Balance Training

Should You Change Your Eating Pattern?

Embracing One's Own Body

Deciphering Seeming Contradictions in Health Media

Manage Your Stress with these Techniques

How to Keep Good Sleep Hygiene

Attacking Anxiety with Action and Awareness

Should You Separate Your Emotions from a Decision?

The Health Benefits of Meditation

A Quick Thought on Smoking Cessation

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Increase your IQ with Cognitive Fitness

Preferred Source of Vitamins

The FDA Approves of Hormones in Food, But What About You?

Is Fitness Simply Based on Genetics?

Knowing Your Healthy Self in 2016

Food Substitution: One Thing Leads to Another

Accepting the Challenge with Wearables

The Prescribed Painkiller Problem in the U.S.

Study Shows that Early Detection of HIV is Critical

News in Travel Medicine: Swine Flu Outbreak in Middle East

Putting on Modified Genes

Working Memory in the Information Age

The Secret to Good Health, Now With Even More Evidence!

En Vogue: Strength Training for Women

Healthy Concerns for Women

Don’t Contract With Contacts

Considering Men’s Health

The Moderation Conundrum

Digestive Health: Fiber

Digestive Health: Disorders

Digestive Health

Maintaining Health While Healthy Part 5: Food and Mood

Maintaining Health While Healthy Part 4: Nutrition Facts Label and Ingredients List

Maintaining Health While Healthy Part 3: Organic Foods

Maintaining Health While Healthy Part 2: Food

Maintaining Health While Healthy Part 1: Getting There

Health-Related Physical Fitness

Core Muscles

Snow Removal Safety

Health Benefits of Exercise Is a Fountain of Youth

Don't Take a Holiday from Your Health

Employee Health - The Next Frontier in Corporate Strategy

Break the Absenteeism-Obesity Cycle via Employee Health Intervention

Fitness Programs Are Critical to Employee Wellness

Preventing Workplace Stress

Don’t Fear Medical Screenings

Preventive Care Goes Every Step with Runner

Nurses Are the Foundation of Employee Health

Diarrhea: The #1 Traveler's Health Issue

Preventive Care & the Obesity Crisis

Preventive Exams Best Defense Against HPV

Robin Williams & Depression’s Health Risk

Ebola Outbreak: Travel Health Precaution

Evaluating Your Health Risk Is a Conversation

Workplace Wellness Creates Healthy Business

Preventive Exams Not a C-Suite Luxury

There’s No Supplement for Healthy Eating

Are Preventive Exams Under Fire? No, but Quality of Care Is

Pre-Travel Medicine: Protect Your Health When Traveling

Seeing Through the Smoke: Cigarettes and the Preventive Health Message

Healthy Eating Patterns

EHE and Hope Lodge 2013

The Red Dress Campaign Arrives at the "Rhythms of Infinity" Wall at 30 Rock

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